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I’m Issam, Translator, Transcriber, Proofreader and Writer, working with Moroccan government-certified international organization " Continental Translation Services" Located in CASABLANCA since 2015. Already I've translated a thousand papers into Multi-Languages online and offline. Since I work in an international company, I can provide all language services from here with high quality and error-free human translation since My colleagues are from all around the world. Note that our all translated works are done by our native person regarding their language. And We do not use any software or bot for translating purposes. In Transcription work, we maintain the verbatim and non-verbatim method with a time-stamp. We take utmost care while it's Editing & Proofreading work with Serious Grammer mistake, Right Punctuation Using, Sentence Structure. We can help our clients in writing part such as Article Writing, SEO/Blog writing, Technical, Legal, and Medical Writing.




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