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I'm a medical student and an English-French translator and I would be really happy to help you with your translation needs.

As you can see on my profile, I am just starting out. So I am willing to perform this job for free. In exchange, all that I ask is that you leave me a good review on Upwork, TranslatorsCafe and 5euros (obviously if you are satisfied with my work). You will find my resume in the attachments.

Regarding my linguistic experience:

- I have been the assistant of primary schools' teachers in England, for a couple of weeks, two years in a row (assisting the teacher, help with homework, games in the playground, watching over during outdoors activities).

- I have also given english courses to high school students, when working with the society ACADOMIA (private courses).

- Finally, I took the IELTS (international test of the english language managed by the Cambridge university, the British Council and the australian organisation IDP Education Australia) a couple of years ago and passed with the grade of 7/9.

My mother being bilingual and working for the United Nations, I am used to being in an english-speaking environment even though I'm living in France.

I am really looking forward to put my skills at your service.

Thank you



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